At The Next Peace, we understand that every individual person in your group is unique. Whether you prefer one of our signature workshops or a customized program we are certified in, we take a deep dive with your people to generate results that count and last. 

All people have hidden wiring that affects their interaction with others. These "blind spots" interfere with how well your organization executes its mission. Whether it is within the workplace or with clients, the unconscious bias, personality and communication style, emotional intelligence, and conflict style of your people can make or break your success.  Turnover and conflict are costly and stressful to your organization, reducing employee effectiveness and your bottom line. How about these instead?

Safe recognition and ownership

positive behavioral change

leverage differences for excellence

Traditional "top down" training often comes from a "do this, don't do that, these are your assessment results" approach, leaving participants feeling accused, inadequate, and dumped into a category.  

In our sessions with your group, we create an environment where each person can safely recognize and own the deeply personal blind spots that influence their ability to connect, relate to, and respect the people they work with and those they serve.We empower your team and teach them how to: 

  • Own their styles and biases in a judgment-free way that invites the individual to make a different choice in the moment 
  • Recognize and build upon the Benefits Of Difference - culture, ethnicity, personality, conflict and more